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Logbook Servicing

Your new vehicle will most likely come with a new car warranty, which protects you from certain additional expenses and repair costs early in the vehicle’s life. To keep this protection going, you’re required to bring your vehicle to a reputable workshop for regular logbook servicing.

Our team at Parsons can perform logbook services on a wide range of petrol and diesel powered vehicles, from passenger cars to light commercial vehicles and trucks. You’ll leave our workshop with a detailed list of potential future issues with your vehicle, and the confidence of an intact warranty.

Vehicle Inspections

To sell or trade your vehicle in Victoria, it must first undergo a Roadworthy Inspection, to ensure it meets the stringent standards for vehicles set by VicRoads. As a VicRoads licensed vehicle tester, we can carry out Roadworthy Inspections, and issue Roadworthy Certificates to vehicles that pass muster.

We can also conduct pre-purchase inspections for prospective used car buyers, to ensure there are no hidden mechanical issues lurking under the bonnet before you part ways with your money.


Parsons Motor & Body Shop operate a towing service, reaching throughout central Victoria. Should your car, ute, van or truck break down on the road, don’t hesitate to call Parsons on 03 5472 2022 and arrange for our tow truck to come and collect your vehicle, bringing it back to our workshop to begin repairs as soon as possible.

Chassis Alignment

After a particularly heavy crash, it’s likely that your vehicle’s chassis – the structural framework of your vehicle – is bent out of shape, complicating repairs and making your vehicle more difficult to handle and unsafe to drive.

Our computerised chassis measurement and alignment equipment can compare your vehicle’s current state to its original factory specifications, allowing us to determine exactly how and where to correct your chassis’ shape. We then use precision leverage equipment to pull your vehicle back as close to its pre-crash condition as possible.

Panel Repairs

Our team of auto repair experts at Parsons Motor & Body Shop bring decades of experience to bear to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition. Our business uses modern quality welders, measuring systems and dent pullers and our team follow manufacturers repair procedures to guarantee the highest possible workmanship to your vehicle.

To save you money on more minor repairs, we can also offer paintless dent removal, where we use speciality techniques to smooth out smaller dents and bumps such as those caused by car doors, road stones or hail. This specialist work can negate the need to sand away a vehicle’s existing paint work, saving you the cost of an additional refinishing and getting you back on the road sooner.

Spray Painting

At Parsons we only use best-in-market Spies Hecker environmentally friendly paints to refinish vehicles. All panels and parts are baked and cured in our heated, ventilated spray booth to ensure the smoothest, most even coat possible for your vehicle.

Our experienced team of painters are also able to create a perfect match for your vehicle’s existing colour, ensuring you’re completely satisfied with your vehicle’s new paint work.


Your vehicle’s brakes are your vehicle’s most important safety feature, and often the one most subjected to wear and tear. It’s important to keep your brakes in good condition, as it often makes the difference between an emergency stop and an accident.

We at Parsons Motor & Body Shop can repair and replace components in your brakes that may be affecting your vehicle’s stopping power, swapping in new brake pads, discs and drums as required. We can also machine new brake pads and restore the surface of your existing brake discs, all on-site.

Steering & Suspension

Problems in your vehicle’s suspension and steering can drastically affect the way your vehicle handles on the road, and the overall ride comfort of your vehicle. Issues such as body roll when negotiating corners, or play in your vehicle’s steering wheel, are more often than not traced back to wear and tear in your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems.

We at Parsons can repair and replace trouble spots in your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems, from power steering systems to car springs, shock absorbers, bushing and air bag suspension systems in larger vehicles, to make your vehicle steer more responsively and ensure a smoother ride.

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